Travel With Us

The Freedom Series

'Travel With Us' is a visual poem told through a compilation of documentary footage captured in urban and rural Thailand by The SOLD Project team. By intercutting images of the children in the prevention program and footage of Thailand’s red light districts, the fragility of innocence in Southeast Asia is presented in “Travel With Us,” while simultaneously conveying an inspirational message that by living out their potential, any individual can play a role in putting an end to the tragedy.

We are people passionate about preventing child prostitution: our goal is that no child ever be exposed to a life of exploitation and we hope this video inspires YOU to come alongside us in an effort to change other peoples’ lives for the better.

Proceeds from the sale of each photograph will help fund The SOLD Project’s scholarship, mentorship and awareness campaigns, as well as our Resource Center in Thailand, which offers children a safe place to spend their time after school and on the weekends.