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JAN 25
08:23 AM


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The beginning of the year is a favored time to look ahead and envision what you'd like to accomplish in the year ahead. Here at SOLD, we're also taking a look at what goals we'd like to set for us as an organization. We asked Rachel Goble, our President, to share what she hopes to accomplish in 2015. Here's what she said!


A big resolution for me is to publish a social impact assessment report (the research behind this is currently underway) to look at the effectiveness of our prevention programs as well as to inspire and encourage other anti-trafficking organizations to strengthen their prevention work while...

JAN 23
12:11 PM

Preventing Child Trafficking: How it is Both the Sum Total and Minimum of What We Do

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We have recently invited a research team to observe and evaluate our prevention program to determine how well SOLD is performing, and to what extent education works as prevention. The research team interviewed our students and staff, and it was eye-opening on both sides. This peek in from the outside provided a great opportunity to reflect on what we do. Here are some of my thoughts.


We have a student who became pregnant as an early teen. She lost her childhood, her innocence, her scholarship, and for a while she lost her way. What she didn't lose was SOLD. Though she no longer holds a scholarship, she...

DEC 30
11:28 PM

A Year End Meditation: On Race, Both Here and There

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When you?re committed to social justice, it matters not where you are or what issue you are most involved with, you fight and cry for justice every where. Though our work is in the remotest villages of Thailand, part of our hearts still smolder and mourn for the injustices found on the streets at home. When we hear about what?s happening in America, from Ferguson to New York, and the state of race relations, whether it?s #blacklivesmatter or #alllivesmatter, we can?t help but reflect on what racism looks like, both here and at home.

It?s an insidious beast. One that, in the U.S. we?ve learned is...

DEC 28
02:23 AM

A Communal Christmas

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In mid-December, everyone at The SOLD Project took seriously the challenge and camaraderie of putting together our mid-winter festivities and celebrations! While staff, naturally, oversaw the affair, our scholarship kids took up a large portion of the responsibility of creating our Christmas party by making the stage, organizing event details, andcollaborating with staff about how best to include their families and neighbors.

The party was highly attended and a smashing success. At the party, we also took some time to give the students Christmas gifts. It was beautiful and rewarding to see their smiles at the surprise, but the deeper gift, the more important gift was...

DEC 12
07:57 PM

The SOLD Project End of Year Event 2014

Monday night was unforgettable. We hosted our 5th Annual Dessert Party at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California and not only doubled our attendance from last year but sold out the entire event. We raised more than $10,000 to support prevention of child exploitation in Thailand through generous individual donors, silent auction items, wine cork draw and gifts for good. Thank you to our special guests Ken Wytsma, Founder of The Justice Conference and author of Pursing Justice: The Call to Live and Die For Bigger Things as well as Tawee Donchai, Thailand Founder for The SOLD Project.?

We honored Bill Stauffer with the 2014 FREEDOM Award.?The FREEDOM Award Recipient is a person that advocates for the mission...

NOV 29
02:43 AM

3 Ways to Give the Gift of Social Justice

Sold Xmas Head

Looking for ways to incorporate the gift of freedom into your giving this year? Whether you're on the hunt for gifts for your social justice minded friends and family, or you want to find ways to share your love of The SOLD Project with your loved ones, we have three great options to get you started! (Images are links to each option.)

!. Donate $25+ and receive a wrapped ornament to share

Sold Xmas1

2. Buy directly from SOLD's merch shop and proceeds go to benefit SOLD programs

Sold Xmas2

?3. Buy any Amazon product through our Amazon affiliate link and 0.5% of your purchase will go to SOLD

NOV 23
05:56 AM

Taking Nothing For Granted

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I recently invited two of our top scholarship students to spend a weekend at my home in Chiang Mai, where I could treat them to special activities tailored to their interests. One student has been studying French and is a budding Francophile?her, I invited so I could share French movies with Thai subtitles, fresh baked pastries by a local French chef and his wife, and a dinner out for her first taste of French cuisine. The other student had mentioned her dream to study at an American university, so I gave her books for the TOEFL exam and dedicated time to discussing the ins and outs...

NOV 20
10:46 PM

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Give a gift that keeps giving. For each donation of $25 + you'll receive a SOLD ornament with a customizable Christmas Card for you to gift.

How To Gift:


1. Choose an amount ($25+) to give in your loved one's honor. We'll send you a card and ornament for each donation over $25.

2. Give the ornament and card to your friend or family so that they can see the impact that their gift is making.

3. Provide prevention of child exploitation through education, resources, mentorship, awareness and sustainability.

Shipping information: Gifts are mailed Monday - Friday. Orders received M-F before 4PM PST will be shipped same day Priority Mail. Weekend donations will be shipped Monday. Thank...

NOV 12
05:18 PM

Want to Change the World? Sponsor Education.

Writing their Sponsor

Every year The SOLD Project admits twenty new students into our scholarship program: and these students need sponsors! The scholarship program, just one part of our multi-faceted prevention program, acts as the 'bridge' to building relationships with our students and their families. By offering a scholarship to a student the cost of school is unburdened from the family, and that student then becomes connected to the Resources, Awareness and Mentorship that SOLD offers. In other words, scholarship, or education, is the first step towards prevention.

A student receives a scholarship for as long as they continue to study. The Thailand National drop out rate shows that...

SEP 27
09:37 PM

Supporting the Dream

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This post comes from an activist vision trip attendee, Christine Rose, sharing her reflections on her time spent with us at The SOLD Project. Thank you Christine!


?We become 3-dimensional to one another when we realize that our struggles are the same, even as they look different.? ? Darling Magazine, Anthropology

When I speak with young people in the most rural areas of Thailand, it is clear that there are more similarities than differences between our cultures.? They long for safety, security, education and opportunity, just as we long for these items for our own children.? Perhaps in their situation...

SEP 21
06:06 AM

Teen Pregnancy Rate on the Rise

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A recent article in?The Bangkok Post?shared findings from a report that pregnancy in women under the age of 20 is on the rise.?This troubling trend is something that we, at The SOLD Project, have tried to combat through sex health & healthy relationship awareness programs, counseling services, and mentorship of our scholarship students. But it is be an uphill battle.

One problem we face is the culture of silence and shame around this issue. If a teenage girl falls pregnant, the immediate reaction is to hide her away and not let anyone know. Following on the heels of that is often a forced marriage to further hide the shame. This is...

SEP 12
05:58 AM

On Serving the Unquantifiable: Interview with Ken Wytsma

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Our Social Media Intern, Vanessa Ashley, recently interviewed Board Member Ken Wytsma. We'd love to share some of his thoughts on service, education, and the intersection of faith and justice.


What inspired you to get involved with the SOLD project??

I have four daughters, and so for me the issue of gender violence and exploitation hits home that way. It?s not a hard stretch to empathize into that particular subset of justice issues. For quite a long time that has been a specific thing that?s been on my heart- how to be a part of something that goes deeper in regards to helping young vulnerable girls. Then just knowing...