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JUL 20
05:33 AM

Adventure With a Purpose

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In February of this year, volunteer Christine Rose came out to Thailand to join us at The SOLD Project's Resource Center. Here's what she has to say about her time here!


Earlier this year I had the privilege of spending a few weeks living in Northern Thailand, volunteering for The SOLD Project.?

Spending time in SouthEast Asia is not new for me.? When I was single and looking for safe and affordable ?adventure travel? destinations, SouthEast Asia was my favorite for so many reasons ? a kind and gentle culture, fantastic food, incredible sites.? Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, they all spoke to me.

So imagine my delight to take that...

JUL 15
05:33 AM

Breaking Down the Silence

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Periodically, staff at the Resource Center submit their reflections on their experiences to share what is happening in the field. They're encouraged to include suggested titles for their stories. A recent one caught my attention: "Sharing About Feelings is Not Wrong!" Coming from the U.S., where we're often accused of?oversharing,?I'm tempted to chuckle at the cultural differences, though of course it is no laughing matter. Where many American teens might have to be reminded to be more modest, Thai teens, especially the ones with whom we work often have to encouraged to share their concerns with those they trust, to not shoulder heavy burdens all on...

JUL 09
06:32 AM

The Pressure to Marry

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In American culture, the normative age for young adults to get married is getting later and later. For many, it is often seen as the pinnacle after other accomplishments: college, career, financial stability. For many members of the local tribes here in Thailand, marriage is not just a commitment reserved for eternal love, or even the strategic blending of two families. Sometimes, it is punishment for immodest behavior, a life sentence to cover up familial shame.

Ae (not her real name), a 14-year-old student who had been with us since the age of 10, moved from her aunt?s house to her mother?s house, which was much further...

MAY 30
08:10 AM

An Update From the Ground

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By now you have likely heard that Thailand's recent political unrest has now resulted in a military coup. On Tuesday, May 20, military officials detained political leaders from both sides and instituted martial law. By Thursday, May 22, it was announced that a full coup is in effect.

We would like our donors, supporters, and friends back home to all know that we are all well and safe. These latest developments have happened remarkably peacefully, and from what we understand, many if not most Thais support the military takeover as a necessary breather in a very complex and heated situation.

While there is much upheaval among elites and prominent personas, for us...

MAY 18
12:36 AM

Lilley Scholz Fights For Social Justice

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High schooler Lilley Scholz shows us impassioned youth can make a difference too!


When Lilley Scholz chose the subject of human trafficking for her high school graduation project, she could not anticipate how the issue would grip her attention and motivate her to do what she could to help bring an end to the injustice.

Bearing The SOLD Project apparel, she and her best friend put together a fundraiser at her school, where they showed a documentary on human trafficking and convinced their peers to also wear blue in support of the anti-trafficking movement.


Her passion did not stop there. Scholz is...

MAY 09
08:47 PM

Earthquake Hits Chiang Rai, Thailand

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On the evening of May 5th, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Northern Thailand, with the epicenter just outside Chiang Rai, near to where The SOLD Project, our students, staff, and their families reside.


Aftershocks have continued to strike over the several days since.


We are grateful that our kids are all okay, but almost all of their homes have suffered damage from the earthquake.?



Our team continues to make home visits to each student to assess the damages. Some homes were affected worse than others; our task...

MAY 09
03:23 AM

Bring Back Our Girls!

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By now you've likely heard about the 276 Nigerian girls who have been abducted from their school in Chibok by the terrorist group, Boko Haram. We here at The SOLD Project would like to express our solidarity with the families, neighbors, friends, activists, political leaders, military personnel, and organizations committed to bringing the girls to safety, and bringing the terrorists to justice.

Soon after news broke of the kidnapping, my Facebook feed lit up with people posting about this happening and why didn't anybody care? Then there were articles like this one wondering whether "hashtag activism" could possibly be effective.

Well, we're here to make clear: WE...

MAY 02
10:29 PM

Graduation: The Culmination of a Communal Effort

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In April, we recognized the achievements of?the students in our program who graduated from 6th grade, 9th grade, 12th grade, and university and technical school levels.?

Image -3


These children are the heroes of their own stories.



We honor them, each student who worked hard to overcome all obstacles in order to graduate and progress in their academics.


We honor the parents who pushed them to succeed, who didn't let their kids quit, and who persevered in their duties as supportive parents.


In their turn, students stood up and gave sometimes...

APR 28
04:44 AM

A Response to "The Problem with Little White Girls..."

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Do white girls (and boys) do more harm than good in the developing world? In a recent article on The Huffington Post, the author shares her experience as a volunteer in various developing nations and how her presence was at best benign, but often more of a hindrance to those she was trying to help. She had been led to believe that she would be a godsend, but honestly she was not. She argues, ?It turns out that I, a little white girl, am good at a lot of things. I am good at raising money, training volunteers, collecting items, coordinating programs, and...

APR 14
10:13 AM

A Road of Many Pitfalls

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Among the subpopulations vulnerable to exploitation, the stateless children are in the most danger. Statelessness is a condition that affects over half a million people in Thailand alone*?most are refugees from Myanmar (Burma) or the children of refugees. Some have lived in Thailand their whole lives; some come from families who have lived in Thailand for generations, but as refugees they are not officially recognized by either Myanmar or Thailand. They have no claim to citizenship rights, nor the protections of either state. If they disappear, no one will come to their aid.

One of our scholarship students, Chana**, has lived in Thailand his...

APR 08
02:56 PM

Vote for SOLD in the Progress is GOOD Challenge!

We have an exciting announcement! The SOLD Project has been nominated for the Progress is GOOD Challenge. But we need your help.?One of the top ten submissions with the most votes will receive a Custom GOOD video and a feature on to share their project idea. There are currently 98 submissions.?We would love your support in helping us become one of the top 10 submissions with the most votes!? a place to share creative solutions for living well and doing good.?GOOD?is a collective of three organizations focused on creative solutions for a better world: GOOD/Media, GOOD/Community and GOOD/Corps. Within these three large platforms, GOOD has a huge audience and we would love to share our story with that audience.?GOOD...

MAR 29
01:26 AM

Meet Our New Volunteer Kate!

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Kate Tierney is visiting us for a few months and generously donating her time and skills to help run some inspirational workshops for our kids.?


Welcome, Kate! How has your time at The SOLD Project been so far?

I can't believe I am already half-way through volunteering in Chiang Rai?with The SOLD Project- time is flying by way too fast. My expectations when I arrived here were to gain an understanding of how prevention works, connect with the children at the resource center, and to learn. What I have experienced in the past month is unmeasurable, and I am so thankful that I can be involved...